All Dog Party

Last weekend, a family birthday party at our house turned into an All Dog Party. Everyone felt free to bring their favorite pooch (or pooches) to our house to join the fun. We tried to get a group portrait of the middle-aged dogs - at least they were looking - sitting with the newest addition - who kept his eye on the grass.

The matriarch wandered around the yard and house and seemed to be, someone said, "Looking for the elephant graveyard." She's 119 in dog years and it shows. The old girl is dressed in her best March Madness gear, below.
Too bad it didn't bring KY any luck this weekend...

One of the books that I taught the boys to read from has my favorite illustration of the Ultimate All Dog Party. Ours was almost as much fun - we just didn't have the cool hats:

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Postcards from Wildwood said...

It looks like a great party! They all seem to be getting along very well, and yes, I can see the similarity to the lovely book! They might not have been wearing hats but that pink bandana looks pretty cool! And the matriarch - is that a track suit...?