In the spring, before all the weeds ruin the fun of the garden like they are beginning to right now, it's fun to watch the flowers emerge. After waiting all winter, it's exciting! The iris pop shyly out of their paper jackets.

The peonies (pine-y, please) push their faces out of their tight, tight wraps --- they had help from the ants, of course.

But the best, the best of all, are the poppies. They hang their heads, like nothing at all is about to happen.

Then, when it's almost time for them to bloom, their heads lift up... They shrug out of their fuzzy sweaters...



WackyMummy said...

Love that "bloom"! I'm going to plant poppies this year. So fun!

krissy said...

ooooooo! I love the ones of the poppies!! Are those perrinials? (sp?) I also didn't know that you said peonys that way!