Just Words - Flying Objects

I've only ever been mad enough to throw something one other time. My Dear Husband was the "receiver" that time, and you might say poor soul, but he is able to hold his own with me. Thanks be to God, in yet another gift of His mercy, He matched us so that when I am overtaken by my emotions (a.k.a. flying into a rage), he is equipped to react calmly and strongly enough that ... I don't know - it's exactly the right reaction to defuse my temper. Because we are so well balanced in this area, we've really had only a very few "fights" during the entire time of our relationship - 27 years!

But I've found that one of my teens has a certain unhappy, and maybe even unconscious, ability to set off a trigger in my more rogue emotions. He certainly seems surprised when it happens, or maybe, probably, it's just perversely satisfying for him to watch the mom lose it. I try to breathe my way through these engagements ... I hear the Spirit coaching me in self-control ... but I failed that time, and what was in my hand gained wings and just flew. Not at him, of course --- not that he didn't deserve it.

***James Dobson's mom threw a girdle at her son, and he turned out just fine! Have you read your copy of "Bringing Up Boys?"***


Tate said...

I simply can not imagine you mad let alone throwing anything! One time I was so mad I kicked Joe when we were engaged! I am laughing right now just thinking about how ridiculous that was! Boy did I hear his opinion about that!

the mama said...

While I do not fall into the category of someone who hated parenting teens, I do remember all too well, the frustration of raising know-it-all teens! I have a somewhat hazy memory of having once picked one up and then depositing him/her outside the door - then locking the door for good measure.

kara h said...

Hmmm... I have the same memory mom has... but probably from a different perspective... it was HOT outside...!

And I'm never reading your blog again. I told you to LIE to me. Lie like it's your JOB IN LIFE. And you haul off and tell the truth. Parenting is hard enough now, there's no way I need to think about how hard it will be when my kids are teens... as if I wasn't my mom's most difficult teen and don't already have an inkling of what I'm in for with Elly!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Phew! Just reading the mama's comment ... both my teens are now taller than me - I'm unlikely to be able to pick them up and deposit them anywhere - much as I'd like to do so at times!

Sweet Annabelle said...

I love it when you talk tough, Kara! You meanie! You'd better keep reading, there's more ugly truth on the way - hahahaha

And I KNEW it must be you out on that porch!