Broom Skills

In a house full of men and almost-men, it takes a LOT of patience to "train" my sons to have ability in the housekeeping arena. Is it a genetic trait that (most) men consider cleaning to be on the feminine side of the To Do list? I think this problem might be ... inherited. But, with their Future Wives in mind, I crusade ever forward, trying to make them familiar, if not adept, with every household chore. Shouldn't every man have broom skills, at least?
Is that too much to ask?

Maybe it is, since I paid the price on this one - a new broom ...

... mysteriously broken-handled ...

... and bristle-whacked.
Oh, well! It's all for the Future Daughters-In-Law! Lord, bless and keep them!
Brooms are cheap.


Noticeable Style

At a festival, I'm looking at the crafts, at the art, booths-ful of trinkets -scrounging for a bargain, which I'm unlikely to find. But mostly I'm looking at everyone else. And sneaking pictures. Don't find fault - you know you're looking, too! You just don't have your camera handy.
And so, here are some stand-outs from the Chataugua Festival in September:

Amazingly tall man sporting a shocking pink hat. Now, that's self-confidence!

Bald (?) man who found a great way to cover up!
Those hats have velcro, interchangeable ... hair. Found one in Hilton Head, where else, and considered it for the Christmas gift exchange.
Beware, if you're involved in that...

I'm a little bit sorry for this one. Women should not take notice of other women's hair oddities, since that could, certainly will be one of us on another day. But I couldn't resist - she walked in front of me for a long time before I took aim.

Lastly, an add-on from the art museum field trip. I took My Youngest to see the new armor exhibit the Friday before Halloween. We knew there had to be a special event going on, since the parking lot was overflowing with cars full of fussingly-flustered, elderly ladies. As it turned out, there was a posh luncheon being held in the museum restaurant. This dear lady, arriving quite after everyone else was seated (for a grand entrance, no doubt), was dressed for the holiday!
That is a spider fashioned into a hat to compliment her orange outfit.
Quite a statement, I thought. Very much photo-worthy! I tried to explain to The Youngest, who was pulling at my arm, quietly begging me to not take photos of strangers, that a person only dresses like that if they want to be noticed. So why not oblige them and take a few shots?
The server in the background agreed with my son.


Five Packed Boxes

Packing boxes for Samaritan's Purse is always a pre-Christmas project for our family. We used to all go to the $ store, boxes in hand, selecting and packing as we went up and down every aisle, each finding treasures for a faraway child. With our mission accomplished, boxes stuffed with fun for someone else, we'd eat a meal out somewhere as a treat.
Those were good times!

That's not how it goes more recently, and certainly not this year. Since the boxes have to be packed and turned in before Thanksgiving, it's a stretch for me, more and more, to rally the Men and get those boxes packed! This year, with the bigger boys seeming so much older, I ended up with only one willing, store-going boy partner to help pick out box items. So I stuffed some bags full of small goodies, bought and brought them home, and everyone packed their boxes out of the bags, instead of selecting for themselves from the store shelves. Hmmm....

I don't think it's that the bigger boys don't delight in giving anymore ... well, OK, they are self-centered teens right now, so no, they're not at their Empathetic Peak in life. At least, I hope they're not! We hope (is it faith?) that going through the motions of giving may cause it to be one value that will endure through this phase of their lives, emerging and even blooming in their maturity.

Lord, let it be so!


My Reflection

I see myself in his eyes.
If he says, "You're beautiful!", then I feel like it might be true; maybe I do have a bit of beauty all my own.
When he seems to accept something I've said as reliable, even insightful - then I nod to myself as if I am those, even if only an eensy bit more than I had measured myself to be.
Sometimes I see that special look in his Husband Eyes, the one that says I'm desirable.
And that's enough to make me believe it.


Baby Bottom

Some of my old photos don't scan so well. This nude-y photo of My Oldest was a prime choice for an 8x10 blow-up. To post at his 18th b-day party! Shoot - it wouldn't scan in color, or with enough definition to see his sweet, tiny, baby bottom. I couldn't use it for the party, but I like this black-and-white line-only pic anyway!

So, is it different having another "adult" in the house?
Have we crossed a bridge?
He certainly thinks so.
enough said