Dish Partner

A little bit of last summer is still holding on!

I only buy red begonias with green leaves. The way the colors pop against each other makes them one of my favorite choices. And they practically grow into a bush over the course of the summer! This one sat out the 2010 growing season next to the dish birdfeeder in front of the house. Even birds need atmosphere, yes?

Right before the first frost, I broke it all off and brought it in brighten the winter months while I wash dishes. I know myself well enough to predict its certain death if it wasn't placed near a water source. Every now and then, especially during this especially white winter we've been having, I lean over to get a nose-ful of that greenish, warm loaminess.

My houseplants always die a long and lingering dry death! Terrible neglect. But I think this one might make it all the way to spring!

(Do I need to talk about all the water spatters on the window, which I didn't wipe before taking the picture? I didn't think so...)

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