I never used coupons --- in all of my 23 years of shopping for groceries for our family. I just bought the cheapest stuff I could that would still satisfy our needs, and sometimes our wants. Couponing friends told me stories, quasi-legends, of cartloads of goods for $13.29, or some other outrageously small amount. After listening to Dave Ramsey and catching the vision for getting out of debt, I endured a coupon class at my local library.

Truly, I felt like an idiot! These women (NO men) spoke a language all their own. I could catch a few repeating phrases like "stacking", "bricks", and "inserts" but had no clue what they meant. I squinted as I taxed my brain and annoyed my seat neighbors by whispering questions since they already seemed to understand! At home, I puzzled over a few coupon websites that gave the tedious direction with enough detail for my frazzled brain to begin to get a glimmer of understanding. I started buying Sunday newspapers, two a week, and using the online coupon match-ups while making out my weekly grocery lists.

Five months or so later ... I finally get it! And every week I leave the store spending less and getting more (and better quality) than ever before. In fact, this week, I got these things for FREE!
Every week free stuff makes its way into my cart and onto my shelves --- how much fun is that! Check out Stockpiling Moms 101 Series for their weekly coupon match-ups - what a help they've been!


krissy said...

I look forward to the day I can coupon. Please tell me you wouldn't advise me take 4 children under 5 into 4 different stores and try to keep them from falling apart in tears while I try to focus on coupons. please.
I use whatever coupons I can get my hands on for Kroger and do my best after that.

running shoes said...

I'm with Kris. I feel overwhelmed by the coupon scene, esp. when grocery shopping by myself is a rare occasion.

Do you run across many gluten free coupons?

Sweet Annabelle said...

Even just finding the very cheapest/free things is helpful and not as time consuming as a full-on couponing. To find just the hottest deals, I use this link:

You don't have to cut the coupons out (very time intensive) - you can just store the coupon inserts away and pull out the ones needed to get the really cheap or free items.

Personally, I don't think I could've had the kids in the cart and/or walking along and managed to think out the coupon puzzle. It takes all my mental $ to do it, and I'm all alone! Found myself talking my way through a deal scenario yesterday...just me, myself and I having a coupon discussion!

It might be a good excuse to get to do grocery shopping ALONE while husband stays with the kids...


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Wow! I'm like the 5-weeks-ago-You that has no idea what this is about! Perhaps 'couponing' is bigger in the US than here in the UK... I've used coupons when I've come across them and we have regular 2 for 1 deals for the cinema and a very nice pizza chain which we take up. But what you're talking about seems more organised and committed. Well done, and good luck!