I saw it waayyy out there in the yard. Something GREEN caught my eye this morning! Joan Senior is waking up, and the iris (behind) does not want to be left behind.

Even though frost is crusting the edges of last year's leaves, things are coming back to life. Lamb's ear looks so soft and delicate, but what a trooper - it's only 28° out there!

And right outside the back door, the Yellowstone lilies - my favorites! Looks like Ol' Lady Drought didn't get as much as I thought she did. Luminous green light shining through newly alive leaves -
Resurrection! New Life! Revival!

If you'd like a trip through a summer garden about now, visit Colors Of the Garden. I found it while searching for a photo of Joan Senior to share. This garden is amazing! Something to look forward to, here at the beginning of March.