In the Tree

We took a trip to the Creation Museum. It was really crowded, and I have to say that I was not unhappy when the trip was nearing its end. We had spent the morning and afternoon reading every single sign, gawking at the other visitors, processing overwhelming amounts of information and adjusting our worldviews as we moved along.
Did I say how crowded it was?
I like a crowd, the more to look at the merrier, but it was really too close to really enjoy the views.
My Youngest has an eye for detail that always surprises me, and on the way out of theAdam and Eve Eating the Apple scene, as I bustled along with everyone else toward the exit, My Youngest spotted this and called us back:

An amazing sculpture of Christ merged into the trunk of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil!
I'd love to hear the sculptor speak about this inspired/inspiring work.


kara h said...

I may know the sculptor. I'll find out!

the Pie family said...

yes, kara, jesse did help with making the tree. the idea and the sculpting of Christ in the tree was Doug Henderson's (jesse's boss) Doug goes to Grace...but 3rd service i think.