Dummy Appeal

Strange things happen on a get-away (run-away).
Like kissing in the upstairs clearance section of an antique junk store.
This guy just has 'dummy appeal'! I'm sure you can see it all over him, right?
Sexy hands ---

His wife sat glaring as we the shop. Check her out, hiding behind a counter.

Doesn't she look like someone you know?


Sky Chairs

I love sky blue paint. We have a sky blue bench in our yard, out under the willows. There's also a sky blue swing, hanging from a branch of the giant, elder sweetgum tree. Now there are more sky blue yard citizens to enjoy.

The picnic table (thank you to the Lokit Family) doubled as a work bench where the many, many bits of four adirondack chairs were spread. And the paint flowed! Actually the paint didn't flow - it was more like paint fluff, or paint mousse, and so it 'spread'. It nicely covered the four chairs I connived to get from Ace Hardware's clearance row for my birthday last August.
It took a graduation party for them to be painted and assembled.
Do you know how this happens, or does it only happen around here?

Notice the grass stuck in the paint? Yes, this is NOT supposed to happen, we all know. But with novice grass mowers around, a little bit of paint with texture is bound to happen.
I'm learning to nod and enjoy!

I think they look wonderful sitting in a ring, joined by the sky swing and surrounded by lush grass!


She's a Mother

This woman - isn't she an impressive lady? There were instant sparks between us. We recognized each other. I knew right away that she's a mother. You can tell, too, right?

Check out her expression. She's somewhat stern, sort of 'don't even think you can shoot me with the Nerf dartgun' . Can you see it? But her mouth is still pleasant - she might break into laughter at any moment.
The Scales of Justice are a dead give away, I think. Mothers constantly standing in judgement, assuring fairness for all ... yes, that was a joke. IS a joke! Nonetheless, those scales are chained on, and she can't get out of the judgement job.
But the sword --- that sword clinches it.
She's looks like a mother with some teens who need a little more discipline than they currently possess. And she can deliver.


Sweaty Whining

I'm trying soooo hard not to kill this (and all other container plants) in this heat.
But I haaaaate dragging the hose around to water!
Can you hear the whine? Make it louder and loooonger in your imagination and you'll be almost there.
It's a great thing to have Buff Garden Man appear at those awkward moments to save the day! Thanks, Buff Garden Man!


Plastic and Eyebrows

I found Swa-nie in a STORE CLOSING clearance sale.
Husband had left me on my own to wander the gardening area. I was searching for something in which to make a new home for the hens-and-chicks that had overflown their old, scaling clay pot.
I met him in the paint aisle with her under my arm.
"She's one of us!"
But he scoffed aloud, throwing out insulting words like CHEAP and FLIMSY and PLASTIC.

When we got home, he tried to rally the Man Troops against Swa-nie and me, calling for a vote. Only one, I think, of the boys entered into the game, also voting against. I think he said something about
porch decorations for the geriatric.
I declared them to be Plastic Prejudiced and took our new girl outside.

I'm not exactly sure why Swa-nie made it into the cart, or why she appealed to me. I've also been guilty of always snubbing cheap, flimsy, plastic garden accessories.
But, true confession --- it has alot to do with wooden swans, which I've always admired (coveted).
And eyebrows.
Is it just me, or are our eyebrows wearing away as we get older?
And don't try to pretend it's not true - I've been fretting over mine, just a bit (!), while looking at my other more mature friends, only to discover that I'm not the only one with fading eyebrows!
Is it the result of constant furrowing?
Too much quizzical lifting?
Anxiety induced over-rubbing?
Or just another component of unexplainable middle-aged breakdown?

Whatever the cause, in the spirit of camaraderie, Swa-nie is one of us
- those with the eyebrows fading fast.



There aren't many people browsing around antique stores on Tuesdays.

All the more room for us to have fun while nosing around those crowded, cramped rows of old and wonderful 'stuff'. No one nearby to mind if we take a few photos of ourselves, blissfully happy, on our RUN AWAY TRIP.
I agree - we look waaayyy too young to have teenaged offspring running, DRIVING, around.

Just want to share some of the sights that made us wipe away tears of laughter, causing store owners to peer into those tricky mirrors with which they can see you all the time. You might not think any of these are funny - you probably had to be there. Or maybe you had to be US to think these photos are funny. Nonetheless ...
Antique Store Dolls
I think it's obvious which doll is the Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggins. Luckily, he has a pal, that little brown haired doll on his right, who doesn't seem to mind snuggling.

This looks like a snapshot from my early childrearing days -
another sad accident with the stroller.

Which one of these ladies has hot plans for tonight?
I said it was the one with side-cast eyes, who got carried away with her rouge.
MWH said, of course, that it was the one who left her shirt at home.
All the others look like wholesome girls, don't you think?