Sky Chairs

I love sky blue paint. We have a sky blue bench in our yard, out under the willows. There's also a sky blue swing, hanging from a branch of the giant, elder sweetgum tree. Now there are more sky blue yard citizens to enjoy.

The picnic table (thank you to the Lokit Family) doubled as a work bench where the many, many bits of four adirondack chairs were spread. And the paint flowed! Actually the paint didn't flow - it was more like paint fluff, or paint mousse, and so it 'spread'. It nicely covered the four chairs I connived to get from Ace Hardware's clearance row for my birthday last August.
It took a graduation party for them to be painted and assembled.
Do you know how this happens, or does it only happen around here?

Notice the grass stuck in the paint? Yes, this is NOT supposed to happen, we all know. But with novice grass mowers around, a little bit of paint with texture is bound to happen.
I'm learning to nod and enjoy!

I think they look wonderful sitting in a ring, joined by the sky swing and surrounded by lush grass!


marie said...

Yep...it happens here too! But I have to say that those chairs were probably worth the wait!
Awesome color!!

krissy said...

oooo. I agree.

amy said...

I love the color! So beautiful, it actually looks a lot like the color I just painted my girls room. You just can't go wrong with blues ( in my opinion )

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Beautiful colour. The chair looks great. Yes, we have stuff waiting to be done too....!