Pus Yellow

What color would you say my shirt is? 

I got it at Kohl's last night for 30% off.  30% off the sale price! Yellow is not my favorite color, but at the price I got it, I thought it would make an acceptable under-jacket shirt. 

This morning, as I put my clothes in the bathroom and set out to do spelling before a quick shower, I remarked, "Let's hurry, 'cause I want to put on my mustard yellow shirt!" 
Yes, the joy of a new piece of clothing! 
I heard my now-taller-than-me Youngest smirkishly say, "PUS yellow, you mean."

That's not what I meant. 
Then began a discussion of the true color of pus and the  imminent death of anyone leaking pus that shade of yellow. I argued for daylily yellow, if  mustard yellow would not suit. 
I admit, I was thinking of ballpark hotdogs when the mustard thing stuck in my mind. Sunflower yellow
Finch yellow
Banana yellow.
Anything other than pus. Please?

Could we also eliminate poop brown and slime green
And while we're at it, how about getting rid of TOENAIL MOON

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the mama said...

Toenail moon? Are you kidding?