Not Just Lights

 It's not too late to do a zoo trip. 
The lights are all strung for the Festival
People asked us, "Why would you go during the day??? 
The lights don't come on until evening..."
BUT they seem to be on 24/7 - your tax $ at work.
And there are alot less people, which is very good and a little bit bad.
For viewing purposes. Of course you know what I mean.
 And all the animals are still working - even in December! 
Busy with shedding ...
... and snuggling ...
Did you know - you're not supposed to knock on windows at the cat house? 
FYI - Just in case you visit. 
... and squawking.
The flamingos get a little miffy at the sound of an empty water bottle being squeezed.
People say we look alike, My Youngest and I. 
I can't find the wrinkle remover tool on this site --- Blogger? Can't you help a girl out?


jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

You and your son do look a lot alike! =) Love zoo trips and we haven't been in a while.

YWH said...

Great shots. I think I took all of them.