Down the Drain

When in my cozy shower, my mind writes away. 

As scalding hot water fills the room with clouds of steam, pieces of thought and reflection assemble themselves, as I look on, it almost seems, and I'm pleased by what they turn out to be. I think to myself, "I'll run downstairs and write that down real quick..."
 Then I don't. 
It seems like the paragraphs, sentences and phrases rush right down the drain! 
I grab a towel and wipe my face, and my mind, too. 
Once I pull the shower curtain open, all those fragile passages have vanished. 
I would say, completely gone, but phrases or words linger to tease me.

What was it now ... ?
"something about siblings growing up the same but turning out different"
"something about eating responsibly"
"something about husbands and garbage cans"
"traffic accidents I've almost caused"
"people jumping in my car"
"people my car has bumped"
"cake - yum"
(cake seems to be everywhere these days)

I've often thought about keeping a notebook in there. Once I actually did it, but the pen and notebook were quickly requisitioned by other scavenging family members.

I can't tell you how many blog posts have washed down the drain in the last six weeks.

WHO could have any valuable thought in a shower like this?
Other than, 
"Where's my towel?"
"What was that sound?"
"What was I thinking - no door?"


Aunt Lois said...

Yes, I'll take my old worn small shower any day. My shower has what I like to call character. Isn't that much more interesting? Just imagine the stories a shower with character could tell... A child excited to clean with Mr. Bubble, a teen trying to scrub the acne away, an adult enjoying the warm (almost hot) water after a day of yard work hoping the water will ease some sore muscles and an elderly adult enjoying the spray of the water and thinking about a beautiful waterfall they visited years ago. Memories are everywhere even in old worn showers.

Sweet Annabelle said...

Aunt Lois, You're the Best! What great thoughts - never considered the shower from that angle!


Meghan said...

i want to hear about siblings growing up different. i was just chatting about that yesterday. how different the experience of growing up is from one child to the next.

p.s. i used to have a glass shower. eegads.

marie said...

I do some of my best thinking in my cozy shower....I wouldn't be able to think at all in that other one.

You write the best posts Sue. They're so creative and just plain fun!