Steering, Digging, Feeding

Well, (I think) we've moved past the 'Icy Situation'. 
Or at least, we're hitting the gas and steering out of the ditch. 
There's lots of mud in the ditch! 
This parenting of teenagers is messy business.
But the naked truth is, as a Dear Friend reminded me, we're parenting sinners. 
And they bear the burden of having sinners for parents. 
It's not easy for any of the passengers, then, I guess.
The weather is doing its Spring Thing, right? 
Warm and sunny one day, grey rain the next, with snow and tornadoes in the mix, too. Crazy! 
Those warm sunnys have drawn me back outside to visit the greenhouse. 
I dug around in my 'soil reserve'  (hahahaha - a big bucket of nicer dirt for potting)
and filled some seed trays. 
(more snickering - my seed trays are used plastic lettuce containers)
It was nice, though, to smell some dirt, tamp it down into readiness, and think about May. 
 I even snuck a seed into the dirt - a big ol' moonflower seed left out from last year. 
My Youngest was glad to leave his bookstack for a trip out to check on spring.
One of his household chores is keeping the bird feeders filled. 
It's a cushy job when the weather is nice.
But the birds do spend time looking in windows and scolding when 
he doesn't take care of their handout. 
It's kind of creepy how they do that. 


Meghan said...

oh my. we are starting to think of planting peas, carrots and lettuce. i am doing my happy sun dance.

the mama said...

The president of your fan club is quite happy to read a new post...and so am I! Welcome back - it's as good as hearing a new Uncle Billy joke.

marie said...

My male teenagers are now 33 and 35 years old. Parenting them was one of the messiest things I've ever done. Praise the Lord..they are the most delightful men now!