He's Early

I have a few Ruby Hydrangeas just outside our sunroom. 
Don't be fooled - they turn red in the fall, but their first bloom is NOT red, just a sort of half-hearted pink. You don't believe all those catalog blurbs, do you - not like I did, right?
ANYway, I was getting on the treadmill in the sunroom, and noticed a sunbeam falling just on the head of one of the bloom buds, just outside the window. 
All my hydrangeas are covered with blooms, even one sorry girl that has never bloomed in all its years here. This will be a banner year for hydrangeas, I think, due to the mild winter.
By the time I got my camera (anything to delay exercise) and worked on trying to capture a photo of that beam of light, this guy had landed drunkenly on the bloom head.
I'm probably wrong, but doesn't that look like a lightning bug???
He seemed stunned too!
Now, I know these come out in mid-June because they are my Youngest Son's birthday sign. 
Do you have birthday signs to watch for that indicate the soon-coming of your family birthdays?
So if that was a firefly, then he certainly is early! And it certainly has chilled down around here, so he might be asleep again - at least until late May.


Meghan said...

we had lightning bugs last summer at our house. i have never seen them in colorado before. they are so magical.

kara h said...

Once we were at Mom and Dad's and Donnie turned on the TV. The Indy 500 was on and Don said "Oh! The 500!" Then turned to me and said, "Happy birthday!" He was a day or two early.

Apparently the 500 was the way he remembered my birthday. :o)

the mama said...

We saw scads of lightening bugs a few weeks ago while at Lake Barkley! Kinda felt like a twilight zone moment!