Lust for Nuts

After seeing this on Pinterest, we gave it a shot.
Ours didn't turn out to be quite as tidy as theirs, but it's a pretty cool feeder, I think!
One slinky, a wire hanger bent into a circle and a few bread ties.
We filled it with raw peanuts bought at Krogers for $1.49. Pretty cheap project, when all is tallied up - less than $3 if you have a wire hanger and bread ties banging around the house.
We did get our big, tough blue jay. He was lovin' the nut buffet! 
I even saw a nuthatch who was able to get a peanut out of the slinky, but he couldn't fly with it. 
Is anyone else hosting an overwhelming herd of chipmunks? Our dog spends alot of time in pointing position, since everywhere she turns --- there's a chipmunk! 
So it's no surprise then to see this little guy shimmying up that pole, right? 
(The teacup and cupcake stand are inside the window.) 
On his hasty way up, he caught sight of us in the sunroom, watching the bluejays at the feeder, and he froze immediately. He was hiding, he thought, peeking out at us. Can you see him behind there,  clutching that pole, thinking he's finally been found out? That the end of the party has surely arrived?
Oh, how often I do that same thing! Do you see a bit of yourself in that silly chipmunk?
We thought he'd leap down, but the lust for nuts made him bold, and he leaped across thin air, right onto the swinging feeder. He grabbed his bit of bliss and jumped down head first - he had to hurry, before the jay returned to peck a hole in the top of his tiny head.
I think I saw him doing a joy dance out there in the grass! 

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helena frontini said...

What a sweet blog you have. Birds, flowers,... all I love.
Thaks for your visit. I'll came back.

marie said...

I saw that feeder too...neat idea. I'm so glad to see it in action. I need to give this a try.

Looks like the peanut feast was enjoyed...if diminishing peanuts is any indication! : )

We don't have chipmunks but we do have a bunch of squirrels. I know they would love it as much as your little chipmunk.

Thanks for sharing Sue!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

What a lovely idea! Apart from the slinky I have all that's needed - but where to find a slinky....?! I'd love to give it a try. Enjoy your feasting wildlife!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

oh cool! what a great idea. love this.

krissy said...

I have TONS of chipmuncks too! Is it them that eat the flowers off my annuals? Have you ever tried to get rid of them? I would love to enjoy one of the flowers I paid for!!

krissy said...

It's probably rabbits. I have lots of those around too. WHY do they have to be so cute? I'd like to hate them. The flowers are on the ground.