Stretching Quarters

The 127 Corridor sale was last weekend.
I wonder how many of you went hunting there. 
It seemed like ALL of you were!
While it is always fun to be out with MWH on our every Saturday morning adventure, I have to admit to getting a little bit miffed this time. We've been to this sale before, had lots of fun, enjoyed crazy people sightings, AND even brought home a few treasures.  But this time the dealers either wanted more money for their junk, or maybe I had less money to give for their junk.  I complained about the dealers' laughable prices, and the dealers complained about laughable offers that were being made for their junk.

"Do you know someone offered me a dollar for that?"
(dealer indicating a slice of purple, polished geode)
"Really? Hmmm..."
(me thinking that was probably a generous offer he should've taken)
"Yes, it's just ridiculous! People want something for nothing!"
(dealer waving hands and scoffing all of us greedy, scrimping buyers)
"Must be the economy... ? Maybe they don't know about rocks ... ?"
(hoping to humor him and get him to sell me this --- for a dollar)

I had two pockets full of quarters, and each of us had one dollar bill. We're trying to refrain from using our old friend Jeanie. She just gets us in trouble! So we went to the sale with what cash we had on hand. It must have shown.
I saw a really lovely vintage tablecloth. My disappointment must've shown when the dealer announced it to be a bar-gain for only $20. She then referred me to a basket of $1 handkerchiefs. 
Really? I know I had dripped Kona Ice all over my own shirt, but really - I thought that was insulting. Even if she had read me entirely correctly.

So, I had to resort to PhotoBuying.

Love that! Bought it -

Mine! Click -

A pair of these would be perfect for a wedding gift! Snap -
(I hope you click this photo to get a better view of these salt and pepper shaker sets. 
"And is it fun? You bet it is!" Check how the man is all smirky. Yeah.)

Our only buy for the day - vintage industrial safety glasses.

Talked the guy down to $3 from $5 for these, and still had enough quarters for nachos! Don't be jealous - you can borrow them anytime!


the mama said...

ha! ha! ha! ha! Those glasses!
The new bride and groom who receive those shakers are fortunate indeed!

marie said...

I want to go to (some of) this yard sale someday. It sounds like such fun.
Love the glasses!!