Spam and Me

It's funny how I've enjoyed the blog's spam folder lately. Or maybe it's just ODD. Yes, that's probably it.
But you know what? There's always something waiting for me in the spam folder, and I really like that.  
This is what happens when you turn off the word verification. 
At first I was annoyed by all that spam
But like most annoying things, it can be funny --- if you choose to see it that way. 
And now Spam and me, we're just like that. 
At least MOST of the time. But we'll come back to that.

Here's a Spam sample for you:
- Hi there, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this blog post. It was funny. Keep on posting! 
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This one was fun - it actually sounds like someone may have read the post. 
Until that subtle plug for shuttle service gives it away.
- jordan 8 retro sale I unquestionably like your website, I can a you man as a remainder a friend jordan retro 13 ? Looking saucy to your befall my website thumbjordan 6 retro sale 
I like the 'looking saucy' part of that one, but for the most part, and this is just the way of Spam  - it makes no sense at all. It's endearing don't you think? And somehow very...European.
- Keep this going please, great job! Also see my webpage: rainbow titanium ring 
Who knows when you might want a titanium ring, after all? 
The next four years might demand one, after all. Great idea, Spam!

But this one threw me for a loop:
- ceгtainly likе youг website hoωeѵег you have tο tеst the ѕpеlling on quite а few of уour poѕts. Α numbеr of them aгe rife with spеlling problems anԁ I in finding it very botheгsome tο inform thе realіtу on thе otheг hand Ι ωill surely come baсk agaіn. Feel free to surf my website
Criticizing my spelling???
Spam! That really hurt!
Even if it might be true...

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