The Getting of the Tree

We're getting the tree tonight, at Lowe's. (sigh)
Our favorite tree farm never did re-open, and we miss it every single  year!
 Finding and cutting the tree has been a tradition since our boys were just little guys. 
Some old photos:
(You don't see anyone snapping pics of tree-buying at Lowes, do you ...?)
Check this one out! Each boy with his specific gear, ready for the big event. 
Rope, saw (a privilege of the eldest), pacifier and Dr Seuss board book. 
I think the one pictured is  Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb - which, after reading 1.27 billion times,  I could whisper from memory into the tiny boy's ear while still paying attention to a sermon. I still can recite parts of it! 
It was bitterly cold that day. We hiked uphill and downhill, up and down, and.... up and down again. I voted enthusiastically for every even marginally acceptable tree, worrying over frostbite, sock layers, and toenail loss.

This might be on the same day, although the hats are different and coats can sometimes 
be made to last two winters and not only one. 
Judging from his overjoyed look, this boy was the first to spot the winning tree.

Sibling Issues 

These two were taken at our favorite farm, probably the first year there.
My Middle Son is taking the above shot. There are so many things to say about this photo, which might seem like a simple one. I'll just share a few, since I know you're sooo interested in the nonsense that swirls around in my head:
Whew- no paci...Those boys are so small...My Husband - that SMILE!...Tall, rubber barn boots are so useful AND make thighs seem smaller... That red coat was my favorite kid coat - every one of them wore it. 
And various thoughts of longing, which seem too great  to press into print. If you're a mom with grown children, you probably can fill in those blanks.
 And every year, he chose this tree.
I loved that - go big or go home!

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Maureen said...

Sadly, our favorite cut-your-own tree farm is in a regeneration period. They are still open, but not much to choose from. We go to the local Lions Club now and always get a good one....it is just not the same though. Picking it out, (after marking a few strategically placed pinecones, only to forget where they were!), cutting it down, dragging it back to the car, loading it on the roof hoping it doesn't fly off on the way home! Oh what fun!