These Christmas stockings were made for the boys as they were born. 
By me. (!)
I don't know much that is more soothing than following kit instructions. 
Making the stocking come together is so satisfying. 
A wonderful, intricate puzzle of felt, floss and sequins.

Over time, various bits of the stockings (doves, chickens, carrots) were pulled loose for 
closer examination, to make a trip to Grandma's
in a pajama pocket, or because the dog may have wanted a sniff/lick. 
No problem - all the bits sew back. 
Chocolate melting in the second stocking was alarming for a few minutes and actually 
'left a mark' that lends character

The stockings remain empty until sometime in the wee hours of Christmas morning, when we, bleary-eyed and full of our cut of stocking candy, stuff them and move them away
from the fire. Once we forgot that last part ... and someone's candy melted. Right.

Husband and I have stockings of our own that hang in our room (which I did not make). 
We follow our own stocking traditions which involve much anticipation, taunting and delight  - like any good marriage tradition. We drop items in the other's stocking, at least a week ahead. No peeking, but squeezing, guessing, and mocking is encouraged. It's fun, and the boys like to come check our stockings, too. 
They actually LOOK though, and taunt us also. 


krissy said...

I just started one of those this year. It IS fun! I'm not sure who it's for though. I bought it for Dora and never did it. :-)

My Vintage Life said...

How this post made me smile! We do the same thing with our stockings. Not fillig them until the last few hours before Christmas! The 3 you have pictured are so pretty!

marie said...

I have stockings that I made for my four a long time ago. We don't use them anymore because the fabric is fraying in spots. I think it's time for gramma to make some for the "littles" though.

I love how you and your hubby "do stockings"!

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Love your stocking traditions!