Ungrateful (Fish)

It seemed like a good idea.
Sort of a rescue purchase.
Such luxurious teal blue fins cooped up in a tiny, tiny plastic pet store container -
hardly any room at all to swirl! and twirl!
Since becoming a member of our family, he lives in a summertime flower vase with 
rocks from a sidewalk filling the bottom.
I felt like a rescuing hero, a beneficent provider.
He didn't turn out to be a grateful sort of fish, though. 
He spends alot of time hanging out suspended from the surface of the water, 
that's right, as if very dead.
The Guys go by, peer into the vase and declare him'dead' at least once a day.
If he's not playing dead at the top, 
he's lying on the rocks at the bottom, also looking very dead. 
I haven't had much fish experience, but am pretty sure they aren't supposed to 
LAY around?


My Vintage Life said...

How funny! I feel the same way about Beta's at the store, in those tiny little containers. I want to buy several different goldfish bowls and bring them all home!

Amanda said...

This is too funny!!! :) I read your post laughing because I know exactly what you're talking about! I have always had Betas. I love their colors, but they're definitely not very adventurous! Every single one I have ever had has done the same thing: float at the top of the water or sit on the bottom. But they really are pretty to look at. Good for you for saving that fish! :) Have a blessed day!!