Bracing to Surge

It's been some years since we had an amaryllis bulb shooting up to brighten the winter months. The last one produced huge red, red blooms just in time for Valentine's Day.
I found this one in an after Christmas clearance bin for $3.98, so I snagged it, 
and added the random $4 to the grocery tally.
Back then, my small boys kept a fascinated watch over the pot next to the kitchen table, marveling at the rapidly increasing height and girth of the stalk as they lunched on sandwiches and orange slices. I remember being amazed that it made it was able to bloom after being heartily jostled about during some 
overly thorough examinations.
This bulb, which should have pink stripes in its bloom, has been shuffled  all around the house, as I
 try to put it in the right spot - where I won't completely forget about it and which will be convenient to trucking 
outside to get some dirt in a pot. Over the past weekend, it was zipper bagged and shoved in the bread box.
Are you familiar with the "They'll be here in 20 minutes!" panic?
Despite the late start, it's finally potted and is bracing to SURGE.


marie said...

It IS a big bulb....what is it?

My Vintage Life said...

These are such wonderful plants. After it blooms, you will find that by next year it has multiplied it's bulbs, which can be separated and planted into different pots!