Just Let Mark Say It

" ... in America the ice-storm is an event. 
And it is not an event which one is careless about. 
When it comes, the news flies from room to room in the house, 
there are bangings on the doors, and shoutings, 
'The ice-storm! the ice-storm!' 
and even the laziest sleepers throw off the covers 
and join the rush for the windows.
... usually its enchantments are wrought in the silence and the darkness of night. 
A fine and drizzling rain falls hour after hour 
upon the naked twigs and branches of the trees, 
and as it falls it freezes.

 ...   All along the under side of every branch and twig is a comb of little icicles - the frozen drip. Sometimes these pendants do not quite amount to icicles, but are round beads - frozen tears."

From Mark Twain's   Following the Equator

Click the title for more of Twain's description of a sunlit morning after an ice-storm, 
and find out what building he designated "man's architectural ice-storm". 
These photos are of the morning after our ice storm last night
 --- without the sunlit morning.
Click here to see photos of another ice storm in 2009, 
which included a sunlit morning-after.

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marie said...

Love the last photo - it looks like an icy rake!