Crazy Eyes

I've been walking by this pumpkin carving for over a week now. It sits right by my front door, 
of course, right where a jack-o-lantern should. MWH and I
carved it together as our entry in the family pumpkin carving contest,
 and it was truly a team effort. 
 I'm thinking
"Crazy Eyes"
would be a good title for this pumpkin which did NOT win the contest.
"Menopausal Mother"
also comes to mind. 
What's that? Is that you giving me a shout-out, Hubs? 
Oh, Yes - you're right! Another apt title might be:
"Menopausal WIFE"
But let's keep it real.
This unintentional, sometime self-portrait of a pumpkin might've represented me 
just as well in earlier NON-menopausal years. For example,
I'm pretty sure I looked like this on the two memorable occasions of being
 seriously bitten while nursing one of my sweet baby boys.
Oh, yeah, and that time my brother-in-law burst into my labor room while 
I was getting an enema - I think I remember baring my teeth.
And when I caught sight of one of my toddler boys walking away holding the hand of a strange 
man, this is probably really similar to the face that guy saw when I caught up to him.

I don't know about you, but over the years life has presented 
plenty of occasions to sport CRAZY EYES.