Pumpkin Pansy

I love this photo which means nothing to you whatsoever.
But if you knew the background, maybe you'd be right with me, tilting your 
head and smiling a small goofy smile.

- The pumpkin was on sale for 98¢ at a local market, and I got FIVE of them. 
Because there are five of us! Even though all five don't all live here anymore. 
The 'parent' pumpkins each had a long stem like this one. You can decide for yourself
if you think this is me or hubs.*

- Here you see my complete harvest of spinner gourds for this year. 
Having given up unrealistic expectations  for bushels and bushels of them,
now  I'm free to enjoy and rejoice  over the dozen I received. 
I will refrain (for now), but there's a major key to general happiness in this concept.

- The concrete-ish garden urn was snagged at a yardsale for only $2.
She had been asking $5, but by the end of the morning, she was glad for me to take it 
for so much less. You've got to love its pie crust edge!

- The pansy! 
I took my mom to a local nursery to pick out some mums, and while I was there,
I got this luscious pot of winter-hardy pansies for myself.
Two of my big 'boys' went along on this trip, and they actually selected this one.
"Look at this one, Mom! Look at these colors, your favorites - get it!"
So of course, I did!
 Photobomb by a ladybug larvae
I've got to get it in the ground this weekend. It's not too late to get your 
Halloween mums in the ground - what do you have to lose? Maybe you'll
get a free mum for next fall!

* It's me.

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Mindy Whipple said...

Beautiful arrangement and what a steal on that urn. Pansies are one of my very favorite flowers. Happy they come in spring and fall!