Snow, Pajamas, and Training

We've had so much snow and ice around here lately! The snow is fun to watch floating gently down, and I can never be unhappy about  a snow day,  better known around here as PAJAMA DAY. 
 It is certainly no burden to slouch around the house in my comfy clothes with every curtain thrown wide open to let in the wintery view and that special light that only radiates from a sky crowded with snow clouds. Hot chocolate must be had by all, the kind that slightly scalds the tongue and overflows with marshmallows! 
 No more do my snow days include any requirement to tromp around outside wearing a get-up which even a homeless person would consider "eclectic".  But when the boys were little, SOMEone had to be out there help snowsuit-clad children back to their feet, to wipe icy residuals  from necks and wrists, while making light of a  snowball in the face
"Haha, ha, ha, ha - no harm done!" 
Yeah, right. 
Convincing anyone, even a gullible little person,  to overlook an offense  is pretty much impossible. Training that little person to first  give the benefit of the doubt  regarding the misdeed of a brother --- so, so difficult, however necessary it might be.
And I'm not sure that task ever gets any easier... for any of us.
Now I can take photos from the relative comfort of my own bedroom using a zoom lens, which happens to be an amazing, exciting new experience! But I did end up out in the snow tromping about in snow boots, which are the same as barn boots, looking for fragrant cuttings.

More on that to come in my upcoming post at A Bird and A Bean.

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