A Between Get-Away

We took a short overnight in Vevay, IN, at the Schenck Mansion between Christmas and the New Year. I try to refrain from calling it the 'We Survived Christmas Get-Away', but 
in my head, I do.
At breakfast, we were told that our room was the one with the most 'spiritual activity'.
The innkeeper prompted us to watch for ORBS in these photos.
Do you see anything?
 The grounds were nicely landscaped, featuring a really beautiful concrete and ironwork gazebo. Dreamy blue sky and buttery morning sunshine.

At breakfast we sat with the other guests around the formal dining table and enjoyed a near-gourmet meal. In the past, we've had a few pretty awkward meals around the table with perfect strangers, but this gathering was like a reunion with old friends. We lingered over coffee and had further conversation in the hallways. 
I was tempted to ask one of the older couples to mentor us. 
Or send us newsletters. 
Or invite us to their New Year's Eve party. 
Something like that.
But I let them go, all of our new friends, without exchanging any information whatsoever.

That's how you gotta roll at a B&B, you know.


kara h said...

Krissy and I just stayed there for a little weekend escape about two months ago. I really like it and it's by far one of the most beautiful houses I've ever been in. But I was sad they didn't have a real innskeeper there. I know they're looking to hire someone (how about you and I???), but I've stayed there twice and both times they've been between innskeepers. It feels like it's missing that special something.

Sweet Annabelle said...

The owner and her daughter-in-law were in place as 'innkeepers' for us. But they do not live on the grounds and were not there to greet us when we arrived around 5. Our needs were met well - we don't ask much of our innkeepers - ha!

I would NEVER want to be an innkeeper! Probably about #6 on my list of 'oh no' jobs...