Home Again

A week is  along time to be on vacation. 
It can get a little big jiggy at the end.
Three adult-sized males 
crammed in the rear of even a generously sized (rented) SUV can be 
unenthusiastic travel companions when facing an eight hour drive home.
 It makes coming home all the sweeter, doesn't it?
Vacation photos of the fun part - - - soon to follow.

My speedwell was going strong a couple of weeks ago. Bees love the purple-blue spikes which are upright and colorful all the way to the end of their bloom time. When they're finished though, they're like  old ladies who've been too long at the ball - they lay all over gasping and taking up too much room. I trim mine back to about three inches. They look awful for a couple of weeks, while the other plants fill in and disguise their rough mornings. But soon speedwell will green back up and make nice foliage plants with a stray bloom here and there for the rest of the summer. They love the sun but will also bloom in pretty deep shade.


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