Garden Failures

I tend to only take photos of successes. 
But just so I never forget, and to give you fair warning -
here are the celosia (boooo hisssss) I planted for some annual highlighting this year. 
In my own defense, they were $0.50 per cell pack. 
Pretty cheap annuals, but definitely NOT worth it. That's it!
I'm swearing off celosia for good. 
*Well, except for cockscomb, celosia cristata.
Who can resist those fluorescently brainiac beauties?

Other garden failures for this year, since I'm making my garden confession:
- planting my limelight in too deep shade. they don't look like this at all.
- putting annual blue salvia in a container. they got MUCH too big and fell all over the vinca
causing them to mildew in the ugliest way.
- planting that other salvia in containers and thinking it would all turn out differently this year 
just because i chose purple and melon. that's it!!  
I'm swearing off (that other) salvia for good!!!
- nicotinia - how dismal. maybe it was positioned too close to that other salvia.
- and sadly, my most shameful confession.
i tried delphinium again, this time in a container. 
OK ... and 4 (FOUR) other plants in the garden beds - they were on clearance. 
now they are menacing brown clumps of former stems, landscape eyesores.
that's it!!!
but no. i can never swear off delphinium. 
my ridiculous cottage garden ambitions will not allow it.
maybe someday i'll learn the trick to raising delphinium, but until then, i'll have 
 false indigo to keep me company.


Mindy Whipple said...

You always have such beautiful successes in your garden but for me failure is part of getting to the things that do well. Nice to know that even you, with your lovely garden images, have to go through this process : )

Jenny said...

My downfall is petunias. Suppose to be an easy plant but not for me! They get leggy or eaten by slugs or get moldy.Aargh! I think it's the pictures in the seed catalogues that cloud our judgement. We keep fantasizing that our plants will look like the pictures. Oh well, we all have our dependable plants that make us smile - for me that's begonias.