Head in the Clouds

We did a LOT of driving in June, trekking to the Smoky Mountains and 
Virginia Beach. On our last day of vacation, instead of dozing with head 
lolling for the entertainment of the all, I was snapping these.

Does anyone see the elephant in these clouds?
A scary clown???

In the home stretch, there was a heated ABC Game*, with a unsolvable snarl 
around letter 'X'.  I ended up on the losing team.
So glad to be home and back in familiar routines!

*The ABC Game - Our Version This can be played as an all car game or as a competition between teams, persons, rows, etc.  I prefer the competition since I want to be the winner, of course. Work your way through the alphabet, in order, finding words on signs, buildings, trucks, other cars, license plates - anything. 

- Yell out your word and tack on irritating celebration phrases like, "Take that, Sucka!" (I'm sharing the most polite examples here.) If you have a wicked laugh, throw that in too.

- No abbreviated words or acronyms allowed: KOA does not count for letter 'K'. 
Especially since the 'K' in that word stands for 'Kampgrounds', one of those nasty intentional misspellings. 

- No reusing exactly the same word by multiple teams/players:
 " 'C' - Cracker!" 
"Oh! 'C' for us too - Cracker!"
Nope. No way, no how. Find your own C.
Same word found on different signs - that's (reluctantly) allowed.

- Special allowances are made for Q and X and maybe Z, if you get that far. Any word CONTAINING one of these can count.  

- Placing a friendly bet can keep things interesting. Some examples: 
Winner gets to choose the radio station for 50 miles.
Loser carries the winner's luggage.
Winner gets first bed choice. 
Winner gets to order first at the next restaurant.
Loser cleans the garbage out of the car at the next stop.
Winner gets to choose a treat at the next gas station.
Loser may not speak for an hour ... (a personal favorite)


Jenny said...

Loser cleans out the garbage. I like that one. Sounds like a good game to make the miles pass quickly.
Great to go away, great to come back home.

Mindy Whipple said...

What a fun trip! Your cloud pictures are lovely. I love finding shapes in them even as an adult : )