More Tomatoes?

This spring my guys built a planting box for me, my Mother's Day gift. Finally I could outwit the 
rabbits and whatever other critters that always have eaten any vegetable I've ever planted.
So I put in tomatoes, up high where nothing could dine on them - except for us! 

The tomatoes that stayed green for way too long, finally went ripe and just keep comin'.
So we've eaten a lot of BLT's this summer.
Now I've moved the family on to salsa, and they're still loving it. 
There's a bucket of  juicy ripe ones on the back porch right now. If I don't get to salsa making 
today, I'll be dumping them over the fence tomorrow and hoping no one catches me wasting the 'maters. 

It's funny how what was long anticipated and much celebrated - the first ripe tomato - 
has dropped in value and almost seems like a burden now, here in mid-September.

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