It's still going on out there in the greenhouse.
The Great Gourd Vine Takeover. 
The vines are filling the entire space and rolling up the other wall,
 tapping on the glass and fairly waving with glee.
My guys think I've gone over to the freaky side of gardening. 
"Your own little shop of horrors, Mom?"
That comment almost inspired me to snip some vine ends and put a stop to the 
Gourd Madness.
But then I look out the kitchen window and see gourds ripening on the roof 
of the greenhouse . . . 
and the sunbeams shining through the scruffly summer-colored leaves. 
I mean the leaves that haven't been ruined with powdery mildew. Yet.
And I know I have to let this gardening (mis)adventure finish its course.
The first frost is not so far away, even if we hate to admit it, and the 
party will come to its own end.

But I'll have a whole basket full of egg gourds!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

All that life and growth - I think it's fantastic! The garden can never be too big. But, ya, sometimes our families don't quite understand it :)