In remembrance of these fall flowers, so recently beautiful... as in three days ago.
All now frosted and blackened, in only one freezing night.
When the fall flowers are in their glory, it's about time for me
to return to the basement of UC's nuclear medicine department and bare a buttock (or two) for some injections.
These yearly labs are important in getting a heads-up in case the thyroid cancer recurs. 

*** Side Note:    'Injection style' is a definite thing. 
How hard the injection thrust   vs   how gentle.
How swift the injection   vs   how slooooww can you go... 
The alcohol swipe.
And the count "Here we go!"
"This is it!"
"Big stick now!"
(and the traditional, no-fail) "One, two, THREE!"
Everyone claims own unique technique - should there be a class on this???
I was truly sad to see these nasturtium go. The package that said RED must have really 
indicated ORANGE, but no matter - the charming round leaves carry the day anyway.
Then this surprise bloom!  Beautiful. I've got to go out this weekend and scrape around for seeds.

In the Grand Scheme, these tests are so very, very simple - 
merely one inconvenient week among the 52 weeks of 2014. 
Believe me, I'm thankful that all I have to complain about is some minor injection discomfort. 
I'm well aware that things can be infinitely worse than this.

And in light of that fact, here are two verses from this morning's 
reading that really stood out to me. These are cling-able:

He delivered us from such a deadly peril 
and He will deliver us. On Him 
we have set our hope that He will deliver us again.

The righteous ... he is not afraid of bad news; 
his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.
His heart is steady; he will not be afraid...

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