Simple Thanks

Can you see it? Look closely ...
 Scary Santa crouching over an adorable little girl,
and she's holding a new doll.
Is she laughing with joy or screaming in horror?
The two are so close anyway.
Is that a little doll bed in the box?

I found this photo in a big bag of cast-off photos from Goodwill,
 one of my favorite birthday gifts, ever.

I scored the old GE Christmas light bulbs at a yardsale for $1. They make a colorful and easy vintage display. It's the only Christmas decoration I allowed to creep into my office area. 

What are you pondering today about the Lord and His incarnation? 
I found myself  thanking Him on my drive to and from school drop-off this morning.
Sometimes the very best I can do is to simply give thanks. 
"ThankYou ... ThankYou ... ThankYou ... ThankYou ..."
The for whats start to bubble up after that. 

Thank You for laying heaven aside and stepping down into our mess.
Thank you for humbling yourself to take on a human form.
Thank you for becoming the way of salvation for me. 
And for my family and friends.
And for my neighbors.
Thank you that your plan continues, rolling ever forward.

It's a great time of year to deliberately turn toward thankfulness.

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