Someone's Elizabeth

So how did Mary cope with the news?

We know that Mary pondered a good bit, and treasured things up in her heart. 

But listen - what do you do with weighty news, be it joyful or filled with sorrow?
 News that crackles with the lightning of a miracle is impossible to contain. 
Of course, you've got to tell somebody!

Did Mary share the news with her family? We don't have an account of that. 
Obviously, her own mother, if she was living, would have known about Mary's pregnancy, 
probably within a few weeks of the angelic visitation.
 I wonder how her mother responded when her daughter said something like,
"God has visited me, and I'm to be the mother of the Messiah."

Did she run to the house of her best friend? Did Mary grasp her girlfriend's hand,
 sweat-slick, and confide that she just spoke with an angel in the kitchen? 
I wonder how that went for her ...

Perhaps Mary's best friend turned away in horror; her own mother may have been 
scalded by scandal, no support at all for the young virgin mother. 
We do know that God gave Mary a great gift in her cousin, Elizabeth. 
Gabriel mentioned Elizabeth in his proclamation, and within a few days, Mary made a visit.  Read it here
Elizabeth believed with Mary ... 
No convincing was necessary--God revealed it to Elizabeth Himself. (v. 42)
... rejoiced with Mary ...
She gave a "glad cry" - loose translation: squeals of delight. (v. 43-44)
... and encouraged Mary! 
"You are blessed because you believed!" (v. 45)

Do you have an Elizabeth in your life? 
That special person who believes, without any doubt, no convincing necessary,
 in the impossible dream that God has dropped in your heart? 
I'm so grateful to say that I do. What an amazing treasure! 

Here's an even better question: 
Are you someone's Elizabeth? 
Are you there for a younger woman who needs your support, 
your encouragement, and your joy?

If not, I encourage you to check out your local pregnancy care center. 
It's a logical place to lend a hand to young women who need an Elizabeth like YOU

Here's where I volunteer. 
Here's a locator for your area - just enter your zip code. 


Kristen said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

Susan Simpson said...

Thank you, Kristen! So glad to have you visit. Merry Christmas!