What to Wear?

 I braved the ominous halls of the hospital today. 
I felt the unwelcome kinship of being one patient among hundreds—
maybe even thousands—of other medically unskilled souls 
seeking expert guidance and merciful assistance.

So of course, what to wear occupied my thoughts at bedtime yesterday.
I even pondered it during those wide-awake night moments.

My folks taught me to dress up to go to any medical appointment. 
Actually, I don't remember anyone actually saying, 
"Suzy, wear your best dress and shiniest shoes..."
But, even as a little girl, I noticed the details in the preparations my elders made 
when an appointment with a doctor loomed. 
It was an occasion to which you might wear your (fake) pearls. 

Have you noticed ... it's not that way anymore—not at all.

Today I learned that pajama pants pair nicely with any color tube top for a hospital visit. 

And that makes getting ready SO much easier, doesn't it?

These Stella de Oro daylilies are fabulous in container gardens. Blooming year after year, they return even in my metal washtub planters, surviving overwintering in near- and below-zero temperatures. The clumps of lilies multiply more slowly in containers, but still give enough increase to share with friends. While I haven't had much luck with the beautiful red cultivar, the yellow-gold standard type are a sure bet for any gardener.


Cynthia Howerter said...

No matter what you wear, you always look gorgeous. :)

Susan Simpson said...

Oh, Cynthia! You do go on ...



Mindy Whipple said...

I always plan out my "wardrobe" for hospital visits as well. For me I think it is a welcome distraction from what is to come : ) Hope all is well with you.

Susan Simpson said...

Thanks, Mindy! I'm glad it was a quick stay.