Fall Flowers & Family

The garden is starting to slide downhill in my Kentucky acre,
but it still has lots to offer.
The Coral Drift rose bush is turning cartwheels in a garden plot where everything
else is finished for the season. 

My garden true love, Heavenly Blue morning glory, finally reached the top of 
the tepee and is blooming like crazy. It's one tall, majestic cascade of sky blue.
But they're best appreciated up close. These lucky black bugs think so too.
More on morning glories from a few years ago here.

And as always, the zinnia is the hardy hero that saves the fall garden.
Zinnias bloom and bloom and bloom without any attention. 
Extra watering, deadheading, staking—it's just not going to happen in October. 

This photo was taken a month ago today. It was a Friday night, just before a backyard 
party. My husband arrived home from the vet with bad news—
our family dog only of fourteen years had very little time left 
and there was nothing to be done to help. 
"I want to get a photo of all of us with her."
My Middle Son put a hand on my shoulder and said, "Then we should do it now."
So we did. 
I stopped filling coolers and Steve put away the grilling tools. 
All the guys delayed their work/school/social schedules long enough to get this photo.

It's a keeper.

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