Turn on the Spigot

These are sprinkler days. It is HOT and DRY out there, and the gardens are going grey. 
If you know what I mean by gardens going grey, then you might be a (gardening) kindred spirit.

So, I run out to the gardens in my pajama pants, pulling the bottom edges up, trying to keep them out of the dew, looking like a goofily-panted, prissy girl. Which I'm not - prissy, that is. 
Placing the sprinkler is just so important to the whole process! If it's placed all crooked-ish, then you'll just be watering the grass. Which may not be so bad, I guess. 
When it's finally right, then the water can be turned on at the house spigot. 
(What a nice word - spigot. Make sure you say it right: spik-it, just before you spit some toe-back-y. Don't get the juice on yer bed britches!)

The garden, or at least a small section, is getting watered, while no one (me) is getting eaten up by mosquitoes! 

(repeat the whole thing every 20 minutes or so, in a new section...)

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