Crazy Bouquet

Can you imagine a flower bouquet 
just on the brink of blooming? 
Imagine cutting and arranging a bountiful armful of 
almost-but-not-yet beauty.

Nearly-open sunflowers would complement daylilies, still zipped shut.

Almost unfurled fern fronds and barely blue hydrangeas could keep each other company.

Would it be crazy to give the gift of beauty 
without enjoying its fullness first?
To pass the highest enjoyment over to the recipient?

Well, that would be an extravagant gift, and yes ... 
maybe a little crazy.



Waiting Rooms

How do you feel about spending time in a 
waiting room?

In general, I don't do very well in a waiting room of 
any kind. As one American among many, I know I'm not alone. 
We tend to think waiting times should be minimized--
time is precious and must be well-spent, and if the 
waiting time is too long, well ... I'm going to leave. 

I barely had a minute to wait in this room, the lobby 
of my dentist's office, but I'm occupying other waiting rooms. 
Most of them don't have chairs, televisions, or snacks. 
Life has all kinds of waiting rooms, and the Lord often places me 
in one sort or another to learn, gulp, patience. 
Oh, and don't forget perseverance, trust, and faithfulness. 

Some days, I do well and am a peaceable waiting room dweller. 
Other times, I complain loudly and check in 
at the desk every five minutes. I've been known to kick a chair 
or two in these figurative waiting rooms--it's not pretty. 
Waiting is hard. 

What waiting rooms are you in right now? 

More about waiting well here



Story Pieces & Five Suggestions

Anything might happen when the box of story pieces 
comes out of the buffet drawer. 

Using these tiny plastic characters to act out 
spontaneous stories always results in shared laughter. 
Will the horse take the flamingo for a ride?
Will the alligator and the pig be friends or foes?
Will the bucket-carrying girl trip over the hedgehog?
Story-loving grandkids want to know.

 for using your own box of Story Pieces: 

* A timer can be handy when one of the storytellers is ... 
* Storytellers who are waiting for their turn must listen 
quietly to the current storyteller. Ask questions at the end, 
but do not interrupt the flow of the story.
* Keep interest high by rotating the story pieces. Look for 
new ones in toy stores, craft shops, and at second-hand sales. 
* Licking, biting, and/or eating the story pieces is frowned upon.
* Use the concept of chapters for older storytellers. Each player 
can continue the story using the same core characters.

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