Premium Property

Yesterday, we woke up to a winter-wonder landscape. 
My sidekick and I went out for a look around and some photos. 

We found this cozy bird bungalow still vacant, 
but what a view! 
A tiny home among snow-capped dogwood blossoms is 
premium property for sure. 

Maybe when spring sets in for good, bird tenants will come as well. 
I'm hoping for bluebirds

Here's a collection of favorite bird books to share with the littles in your life. 

These days, I'm pondering this verse: 
"Your own ears will hear him. 
Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” 
whether to the right or to the left."


Suddenly, Spring

February blurred past mostly like this—

Now we've arrived in March, and our one Kentucky acre 
has bounded ahead to this—

When the weather turns again and temperatures dip ...
they just will ...
Well, that's gonna leave a mark. 

But today, we'll eat our meals outside, walk the gardens, 
and make plans for the months ahead. 
And we'll hope against hope they don't include any more of this—


January Portraits

January is a black and white snapshot 
of ashen-iron skies and 
dappled dove-grey grass. 

January is a lady-in-waiting, 
dozing and waking, 
then slipping to slumber again.

January is an empty attic room,
where blinding-brilliant sunbeams pierce 
a lazy dust mote dance.
- SHSimpson