Pondering the Season

Christmas is hanging out in my living room, 
trying its best to be shiny and bright. 
About 50% of the bubble lights are actually bubbling--not bad. 

Are there bubble light consultants? 
This might be the perfect seasonal side hustle.
1) Flick the glass stems--oh, so delicately, of course. 
2) Mutter, "Hmmm."
3) Unplug lights, wait 30 seconds, and turn them on again. 
4) Adjust glass stems to point directly at the ceiling
 and repeat steps 1- 3.
5) Collect $75.

Ginger cookies will be my main baked treat this year. 
There's nothing better to dunk in coffee.
Find the recipe and backstory here

THIS happened in November. 
I've spent a little bit of time figuring out how to sign a book--
a skill I didn't know existed. The one below is for 
a dear friend to gift to her brother's dogs. How fun is that?
You can check it out here.

At the end of the day--any day of the year--it's really about this.
Pondering the Incarnation and all its beauty is enough to '
fill every moment of the season. 



Ready to Freeze

 It's spider time on my Kentucky acre,
just ahead of the frost next week.
They're frantically spinning elaborate orbs before they freeze to death.
It's poetic and awfully artsy, don't you think?
hurriedly inspect these for any scribbled symbol or message

The smarter spiders choose to make their last stand in the 
hydrangea bushes. It's an excellent place to freeze.

This year, I have only one blooming Heavenly Blue Morning Glory vine. 
Last year's vine was extravagant, a year of blues I'm sure will never happen again.
Because last year, against my husband's better judgment, 
I allowed the morning glory vines to take over a small dogwood. 

The tree wasn't so happy, but I could blame all the damage 
on the cicada invasion. And I did. 

The first blue bloom opened today, somewhat late in the season. 
But much better later- than never-blooming. 

There's something special about those heavenly blues. 
Even their gracefully-twining vines and 
miniature buds hold unique charm.

You're charmed, right? 


Almost Fall and a Thank You Gift Offer

It's that time of year. 
The zinnias shrug into crisp September air 
and outdo themselves in height and color. 

Fanciful fairy rings sprout overnight 
in dew-drenched clover.

And you teach your dog to wear glasses. 
Why wear glasses? 
The better to READ with, my dear!
It's only two months until my project with Familius Publishing, 
comes on the market. 
November 8th is the big day. 

If you preorder, I'll send thanks in the form of 
seeds from my garden. You can choose one of these: 
Send your choice of seeds and your mailing address to simpsoncircle@gmail.com.