Oh, Laws!

Oh, Laws! 
(what one of my aunts used to say all the time. usually just after I had spilled my drink, but still, it applies.)
Can you believe how crazy glorious this poppy is!?! 
And if you could touch it, you'd be in love!
The petals are papery, but silky smooth like crepe paper. 
I'm going to admit that I have been known to bend down to touch these petals to my lips.  
OK, I've done that with peonies, too. 
And beaded stationary...
(what is that lip thing? if i'd had a silk-edged blanket when i was a baby, i'd blame it on that.)

Oh well, Laws! 
(more of an under-the-breath exclamation from my aunt. uttered in mild vexation when i may have stepped in a cow-pie or made some other mis-step. ha)
You knew I was Garden Weird.
When the wind drifts by and lifts the blooms, those dark purple stamens/anthers actually bounce around like decorative beads tightly bunched around a velvety center. 

Laws, Child! 
(and she wasn't even from the South)
Go out and press some poppies to your lips! 
Admire His handiwork, seek His face and give Him glory, like the rest of creation.


krissy said...

I have tried scattering poppy seeds two times now and they won't grow. What am I doing wrong?

Sweet Annabelle said...

Hmmm.... I don't know! I'll save some seed heads for you - maybe they'll work!


krissy said...