Mini Greenhouse Bag Tutorial

Every spring, I scrape around the house looking for my seed planting gear.
Not sure how things just sprout legs and run around here, but that's how it goes.
This season, the trays to hold water under the planted seed cups were missing and I had
to raid the linen closet and drag out a lid from a plastic tote to do the extra duty.
While rooting through the closet, I found my stash of empty curtain packaging - you know those heavy plastic zipper bags that are left over after you 
put the shams on the bed, 
hang the drapes in the foyer,
or replace the shower curtain liner?

They make really great seed-starting bags, almost like mini greenhouses!

So here's a very casual photo tutorial --- 
You know my guys thought I was crazy, standing out
in the greenhouse taking photos of myself holding these plastic bags! 

1.  Keeping in mind that this bag is not a toy, 
snip a few slits along the bottom seam of the bag
to allow water to drain.

2. Use a sharpie marker to label the bag according to the seed
 you'll be sowing, because you know you're going to forget. 
Then add a few inches of seed starting soil
Get the good stuff - it's only about $5. 

3. Sprinkle your seeds on top of the soil, 
then add another thin layer to cover them.

 4.  Spray with water until they top is quite moist and zip the bag closed.
Place the bag in a shallow dish of water so it will stay moist, 
even if you forget about it for a day.   
Or two.

5. Do a Happy Dance when your greenhouse bags sprout seeds 
wwwaaaayyyy faster than other traditional methods. 

These seedlings came up only seven days from the first sowing, and
grew very quickly in their cozy bag, even though the night temps dipped pretty low. 
The  same seeds started in a cup on the  same afternoon and covered with plastic wrap 
had only barely started to sprout when I took these photos. 

I'll be doing this every year - and I'll feel all 
'green' and environmentally responsible, too!
Win - Win

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