Breaking the Rules

There's an ancient lilac bush in our front yard. It was here when we moved in fifteen years ago, and our neighbor says it was around long before that. Over those years, it has gotten taller and taller, the blooms so high that I could barely reach them for cutting.

In the fall, when My Wonderful Man and I were in the middle of Pruning Fever, our eyes fell on the lilac and we decided to 'trim' it. Just like my bangs when I was little, the bush got smaller and smaller as we tried to make it all even. I was sure it would be dead this spring, since we broke all the lilac trimming rules.

But look! Here it comes! It's not dead after all.

But there might not be any blooms...

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Postcards from Wildwood said...

I'm pretty sure you always have to wait a year after cutting back really hard? I'm sure it will benefit from it anyway. We have several shrubs that could do with the same treatment.
I'm almost-tagging you. If you want to play along, please come over to my blog to read about it and only join in if you want to. Otherwise, please just take it that I'm recommending others to visit your blog!
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter - egg hunt or not!