An Easter Frown

It's a great blessing to have cousins around for your kids to play with, especially when they are little. My boys had cousins of the same age in my brother's family as they were growing up. What good times those were and how quickly gone!
Here is My Oldest and his cousin of (almost) the same age, on Easter Sunday, probably around 1995. The egg hunt was the main event for the kids - meal was the main event for the adults! They couldn't WAIT to get out there, scramble around in the wet grass, and fill their baskets with fun stuff. Not sure why my boy is frowning here --- is it because his basket is empty and hers looks full, or is it because he's clearly underdressed for the occasion? Maybe he's frowning because he had to wear full winter gear for a spring event - the first children always suffer the over-attention of their parents, don't they? It's the firstborn's lot in life!

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