Daffodil Romance

How romantic is this?
Someone planted a huge swatch of daffodils in their field. I always slow down to gape at this magnificent display of beauty when it has its first day of bloom. Granddaughter of a farmer that I am, I know that planting a field of daffodils would not be considered a good use of sweat, daylight, or fertile ground. Even using farm equipment to clear the top layer of soil (and to put it back), just positioning that many bulbs on the ground would take most of the day! Such dedication to a short-lived display of Spring Beauty is rare, I think, and I'd love to meet the one who did it!

(Poor photo courtesy of my exasperated son's camera phone. "You want to take a picture of that while we're stopped in the middle of the road???" He's a driver now, so he's acutely aware that I drive like an idiot --- but that's another blog post.)

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