Birthday Photos from the Stash

Today is Our Middle Son's birthday - fifteen years ago, right about now, I was begging the triage nurse to NOT send me home. Thought I'd post some photos from the found photo stash, with a little narration, what else?

All my babies had such pitiful baby acne. And they were jaundiced, too. That's not the golden evening sun kissing his little bald head. He's only a few days old in this photo.
And there's my other best friend from those days --- The Pacifier!

Totally different from The First, Our Second had to be tightly buckled into the high chair. In this photo, Danger Child is about to slide down, and down further, until only his fingertips are hanging on to the tray - one of his favorite tricks. No crying, of course, only his eager anticipation of my total freak out upon finding him this way.

Do you see the pattern here? That look of gleeful mischief? It's why he's in the playpen - because the rest of us were trying to decorate the Christmas tree. This was the year that all of the balls on the bottom half of the tree had to be plastic. Since glass balls fly across the room so well. And shatter in such a spectacular manner.

Here is the birth of an extreme case of 'Santa Fear' - right here, folks!
Was it the beard that caused it? The sort of sinister nose sticking out there? Hmmm... We only know that this is the one and only photo of Middle Child (not shrieking) and Santa.

Middle Child got all the way into his first birthday cake and was eager to share some, too.
Tonight, he's asked for chocolate peanut butter pie. And he's going to get it!


Tate said...

Middle son has good taste in birthday dessert! I love these pictures!

YWH said...

Ooh the memories!!!

The Talberts said...

I love the pictures, too. So cute. And yeah ... chocolate peanut butter pie. Mmmmm.

krissy said...

i love the one of him in the high chair. so sweet.