Just Words - A Dream

Last night I dreamed about my Grandpa who passed over in 2006. In the dream, we were indoors, there were lots of people in a vaguely familiar place, and it was very sunny. I saw him sitting in another room, and went in to him. He was sitting directly in the sun at a table next to the window - just sitting there, as I had seen him many times when he was alive as a very old man. When he was younger, he only sat down to eat a meal, or watch the 11 o'clock news. The rest of the time, he was in constant farmer-motion, a whirlwind of industry straight out of the Greatest Generation. As he saw me approaching, his normally taciturn face broke into a huge grin, and he began to rise to greet me, reaching out for me. The dream is especially vivid here, as he never reached to hug any of us. We hugged him, and he awkwardly responded with stiff and brief returns of affection. As he got older, and I knew the time for hugs was getting shorter, I hugged him longer and more often. But it was always the same sort of awkward, stiff return. In my dream, though, he smiled wider than I had never seen him do and enfolded me in a strong, warm hug.

And I heard his voice near my ear say, "Come here, and let me hug my oldest son!"

In truth, he only had one son, the youngest after two daughters, and it certainly was not me.

Go ahead. Analyze that.

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