Phone Call

I got the phone call on Saturday morning. The one that parents of a new driver DON'T want to receive. My Eldest had left the house early to go to a baseball game with a friend. All was quiet. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not good at answering the house phone, but this time I happened to be standing nearby when it rang.

"Mom, I've been in bad wreck..."

I had a Matrix Moment until I heard the next sentence, "...but I'm OK."

This morning I realized that I hadn't gotten a photo of him in front of the first vehicle he ever drove, holding his keys and his new license. And now I never will, since it's all smashed up.

Oh, the marvelous grace of the Heavenly Father, who allowed him to emerge without a scratch! We are all grateful.

And we are ducking down, wincing, as we wait to find out just how high our insurance rates are going to climb. I'm thinking it might get ugly...


marie said...

Praise the Lord that he was fine!
My son (now 33) had his first accident when he was 17. Unfortunately he didn't call me - a policeman delivered his driver's license to my door and he as in Shock Trauma. He spent almost three weeks there...but lives to tell about it! It's such a scary thing to let them grow up, isn't it!! I had three more new drivers to get through after him...
About the insurance ~ I work for an insurance company. Depending on whether or not he was at fault AND/OR what kind of options you have on your policy it might not be too bad. There are options like accident forgiveness for instance. Hopefully your insurance agent will help you sort through it all.

Again, I'm so happy to hear your son is fine...that is definitely the only important thing!

krissy said...

oh my goodness susan. praise god he is okay!!

Rachel said...

What a blessing to know that the Lord was next to your baby all along!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

What a terrible, terrible shock. And yes, another terrible shock likely when the insurance renewal is due! I'm so happy to hear he's safe and well. I guess what we really should dread is a phone call from SOMEONE ELSE saying there's been a bad wreck. Let's hope and pray none of us ever get one of those.

WackyMummy said...

Thank goodness he's okay! It could have been so much worse.

simplebeauty said...

Sweet Annabelle,

I am ever so thankful to read that God protected your son! It reminds me that he is watching out for our children even in the moments that we can't.

I hope you found The Young Queen Victoria and enjoy it ever so much!

Have a blessed day :O)