Ready to Bloom

My babies - the carefully hovered over seeds finally sprouted, and just look how they've grown! Now, finished hovering, I hoard them in the greenhouse, reluctant to give them up to the Vicious Rabbit Mob. I know they're out there, sharpening their teeth. Snickering behind their whiskers and whispering about what they'll do when I put out these tender, ready-to-bloom shoots.
But it's time to let them out into the wide, green garden to fend for themselves. Fences? No. Cloches? If only. But I know it's going to be bloody. Are you thinking I'm a pessimist? With a bunny obsession?
I'll take photos of the evidence later.

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Postcards from Wildwood said...

I believe you! I remember your post about them last year. Good luck!