REMEMBER the Signs!

We've been listening to the Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis (again). In the story, Aslan gives Jill explicit directions to complete a quest, with specific signs which she must commit to memory and repeat during her waking hours. "Remember the Signs!" he commands. Of course, she remembers for a little while, then begins to neglect repeating them, finally declaring, "Bother the signs!" The good guys land in a mess then, and Aslan appears to Jill in a dream to admonish her again, "Remember!" It's a great story that I've posted on before - hope you make time to listen to this wonderful story.

Aslan's storybook urging prompts me to be more devoted to God's Word, knowing the truth: that if I remember and follow His instructions, God's that is, watching always for the signs He's laid out in His Word, then I'll be able to complete The Quest I've been given to accomplish here on Earth. Memorizing scripture has been a big part of my walk in following Christ, leading me to know Him better, but I do have to work and labor at it to accomplish anything at all. And then if I stop reviewing, it all melts away. (This is much worse than it used to be. My forty-year-old mind is a sieve. It's because of teenagers, I think...)

I made these Scripture Clingies to put around the house to help me Remember! as I work through my days. They've been a help to me, as the Silver Chair has reminded me again that I need to work at memorizing His words. I've made a bunch and put them in the Etsy shop - see more photos there if you're interested.