NOT Salvia

I always buy red salvia at the start of the growing season. Every year, I think how enchanting they'll look in this enamelware pot with matching red trim. I pack those fresh, vibrant plants in that pot ...
... and they do this.
Someone please remind me next spring: GERANIUMS!


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Geraniums can go leggy too, of course... But the reds do love lovely in that pot. This year I have a fine collection of geraniums and scented geraniums on the balcony but my problem always is overwintering them - when to water? how much? how to protect them if it gets too cold... Fingers crossed they will all survive to tell the tale next spring.

Kathy C. said...

Wish I could help you here...how about red penta? I love salvia and especially love geraniums, but they always go through a "bad season" for me. :)